Silas Bruno

Poet, writer, musician, essayist

Silas Bruno is a poet, writer, musician, and essayist based in Whitewater, Wisconsin.

Through dissonance and surrealist techniques deployed throughout all his areas of craft, Bruno often conjures up striking and disturbing images underscored by a tender and resonant current of sympathy.

Featured Work

Brick in the Sky

The stars hung in the sky
Kinda like how bricks don’t,
Or rather they won’t.

If I throw a brick hard enough
Will it float?

Or better yet,
Maybe it’ll knock a star down.
Then I could hold it,
The star will know how the brick feels
All the way down on the ground.

If I threw the brick at the moon
Will it knock the moon down to earth?
Could I hold the moon too
with the star?

So bright and so heavy.
No more crescents in the sky,
No more bright lights in the air,
For I have knocked them all down
With my brick that needs to float
Like the stars in the sky.