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Better Buddies

A Podcast About Friends

Better Buddies is a weekly broadcast show hosted and created by Wisconsin-based broadcaster R.J. Mitchell.

With a revolving cast of mainstays and guests, programmatic variety, D.I.Y. Midwestern charm, and moments of genuine authenticity and humor, Better Buddies is a testament to Mitchell’s dedication to his own friends and a sincere search for what it really does mean to be a better buddy.

You can find the Better Buddies podcast on iTunes, Spotify, and follow on Facebook and Twitter.

Featured Episodes

Episode 96: Jason Momoa MANmosas

The Buddies discuss Blue Moon ice cream, flavors of character chaos, Jason Momoa drinking MANmosas, and how to deal with with relationships.

Episode 105: Children of Dune

The Buddies take a trip to the planet Arrakis to partake of the spice melange and hang out with the coolest guy with two cool names, Duncan Idaho. It’s all about Dune!

Episode 53: Mountain Dew Mystery

This week the Buddies identify some odd Mountain Dew products, talk what would be the American equivalent of James Bond, and discuss the 2020 election.

Episode 15: Palentines Day Special

Happy Palentines Day Buddies! A day to celebrate all things friendship, especially when you ignore those friends telling you it’s a silly idea. We also discuss the Oscars, the intricacies of copyright laws in toy manufacturing, and South Park. 

Episode 35: Mountains Are Mysterious

This week the Buddies discuss the best kind of cereal, the scientific possibilities of being the first official podcast of the Moon, and how to deal with a mountain that just won’t get off your farmland. Remember to share with a friend!

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