Current Reads

Book One

About mid-way through. I’d highly suggest for anyone who feels like they’ve got something about the modern world to complain about. Also, I’m relatively certain that Ignatius (the guy on the cover) served as partial inspiration for South Park‘s Eric Cartman.

Book Two

Nietzsche’s actually not that difficult of a read compared to other philosophers, and this book’s pretty easy to take in chunks. It’s divvied up into mostly succinct passages on a wide number of subjects. He wasn’t the most focused writer, but it’s fun to see some parallels in what he diagnoses as the problems of his day, and what’s going on in our world at present.

Book Three

A classic little number on the relation of the individual man to his sovereign — essentially a handbook both on how to rule, and how to be ruled. I won’t lie, it’s not an easy read.


A pretty short book considering how influential it is. So far, some interesting ideas about how to govern, lead, and leverage power, even if a lot of the concepts are buoyed by geopolitical references that are hundreds of years out of date. And just look at his smug little face. That’s how you know it’ll be good.
Finished: 9/17/2020