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The Postcard Stories

The Postcard Stories is a 2021 collection of short science-fiction stories written by James Kuckkan and illustrated by Jayne Costello. A few of the stories include an astronaut taking his final walk; the day in the life of a robot actor; a young woman quitting her job at a liminal company; a film professor who’s been exiled after being implicated in an MK-Ultra intelligence operation; and more.

In case you’re wondering, the front and back cover are photos of a winter sunrise taken by the author in Marquette, Michigan atop of Sugarloaf Mountain (elevation 1060 feet). The spine is a sliver of Lake Superior’s Partridge Island in Marquette Bay just before sunrise on the same day. 

The Postcard Stories is James Kuckkan’s first book.  He is currently working on a coming-of-age novel, The Spirit and the Kid, set for release for Summer 2022.

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