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Breakfast of Champions Reading Recommendation

-Reading Recommendation- Breakfast of Champions -What Is It?- Breakfast of Champions is a 1973 novel written and partially illustrated by Kurt Vonnegut. It is centered mainly in the abject and plain Midwestern town of Midland, and follows the exploits of a variety of characters, with the most notable—or at least stylistically influential and interesting—being Kilgore… Continue reading Breakfast of Champions Reading Recommendation

Pride and Pulp: A Comparative Analysis of the Character Construction in Pride and Prejudice and Pulp Fiction

-Introduction- 1813 Meets 1994 Had Jane Austen ever gotten the chance to meet Quentin Tarantino, I have no doubt he would have appeared in one of her stories. Not only because Ms. Austen was well-known for placing people she had met or knew in her own life into the characters—wholly, partially, or otherwise—of her novels,… Continue reading Pride and Pulp: A Comparative Analysis of the Character Construction in Pride and Prejudice and Pulp Fiction

The Phaedo Reading Recommendation

-What is it?- The Phaedo is a Platonic Dialogue and the last of what I’ll call the “Core Four” Dialogues—Euthyphro, The Apology, Crito, and Phaedo—which feature Socrates as a central figure and detail the final days of his life before his execution. This particular Dialogue, which takes place in the final hours of Socrates’ execution,… Continue reading The Phaedo Reading Recommendation

The Apology Reading Recommendation

-Reading Recommendation- The Apology Art Credit: Morgan Blair, -What is it?- The Apology is a Socratic Dialogue, written by Plato, and one of the most famous accounts of Western Philosophy in history. In The Apology—whose name stems from the Latin apologia, a translation of the Greek ἀπολογία, meaning, “speaking in defense,”—Socrates faces the court… Continue reading The Apology Reading Recommendation

Live! From the Porch of the King Archon!

-A Critical Analysis of Postmodern Similarities Between The Euthyphro and Network– Socrates was a man in his time famous for stirring the pot of public opinion. The self-appointed “gadfly” of Athens, he spent most of his time—according to both historical records and the Dialogues written by Plato—wandering from place to place, proving people wrong in… Continue reading Live! From the Porch of the King Archon!


It was of those January afternoons, where the light was fading, but hadn’t yet gone, and the sky wasn’t much more than a dull, warm gray, where everything was still and quiet, where a few snowflakes had begun to fall, feeling forgotten, a whisper of a coming storm, where Harris sat in his new spacesuit… Continue reading Duds

The Prince Book Review

The Prince is a seminal work of Western political thought, written in the early 16th century by notorious pouty political bad-boy and advisor to the Florentine Republic, Niccolò Machiavelli.  The book was controversial in its time – and remains so, to a degree, in ours – for its central thesis, which is that a ruler,… Continue reading The Prince Book Review


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