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The Phaedo Reading Recommendation

-What is it?- The Phaedo is a Platonic Dialogue and the last of what I’ll call the “Core Four” Dialogues—Euthyphro, The Apology, Crito, and Phaedo—which feature Socrates as a central figure and detail the final days of his life before his execution. This particular Dialogue, which takes place in the final hours of Socrates’ execution,… Continue reading The Phaedo Reading Recommendation

The Crito Reading Recommendation

-What is it?- The Crito is a Platonic Dialogue concerning the individual’s relationship to their state, and it is the penultimate Dialogue centering around Socrates before he is put to death. In the Dialogue, Socrates has been imprisoned in the jail beneath the Court of Athens and is awaiting his execution, which will take place… Continue reading The Crito Reading Recommendation

The Apology Reading Recommendation

-Reading Recommendation- The Apology Art Credit: Morgan Blair, http://www.morganblair.com/seinfelds.html -What is it?- The Apology is a Socratic Dialogue, written by Plato, and one of the most famous accounts of Western Philosophy in history. In The Apology—whose name stems from the Latin apologia, a translation of the Greek ἀπολογία, meaning, “speaking in defense,”—Socrates faces the court… Continue reading The Apology Reading Recommendation

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